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Diamond Setups Trading System

Learn to trade following clear rules

Since 2010

Results from day trades taken in our trading room
Jan/17: +16.67% * Feb: +2.01% * Mar: +42.33% * Apr: +43.81% * May: +35.44% * Jun: -11.75%
Jul: +12.87% * Aug: +25.78% * Sep: +32.40% * Oct: +28.47% * Nov: +7.20% * Dec: +45.18%

Jan/18: +75.52% * Feb: +106.70% * Mar: +101.40% * Apr: +50.32% * May: +1.41% * Jun: +48.57%
* Jul: +48.80% * Aug: +55.61% * Sep: +77.48%

The back half of 2018 could be the best time to be a trader in years… - Jeff Clark

  • Previous Week’s and Year to Date Results

    On last 279 traded weeks, 257 winners, 90%+ win ratio
    2018 Weekly Score
    Week#39 - 9/24 to 9/28/2018
    +28.00 on FULL SIZE (per contract) (2 to 5 trades a day)
    On previous week: +17.75 points
    Scalping*: +34.00
    Total points in 2018 (per contract):
    Day trading: +496.25
    Scalping: +882.00
    39 traded weeks
    38 winners
    0 b/e
    1 loser

  • Learn a trading system that works like clockwork, week in, week out

    When you learn how to use the Diamond Setups Trading System, you will know exactly when and at what price to enter the market, trade knowing clearly what to do, leaving your mind free as it needs to be in this business, allowing you to do the very same thing daily as trading patterns repeat over and over again.
    No matter what your trading style is: scalping, day or swing trading, you will know when to just sit and watch and when to act.
    All done very calmly with no hurry, no hesitation, no guesswork... Because you know 70%+ of the trades will work as expected.

  • Sign up now and you will have:

    • All the documetnation on how to spot the Diamond Setups levels that will give you a win rate of over 70%
    • Training in our trading room so that you learn all the nuts and bolts of the system.
    • Access to the same charts I'm looking at to take our trade decisions making it easy for you to understand the reason for each trade
    • Know how to manage risk and increase the size you trade as goals are met
    • Free access* to our Trading Room (open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM EST)
      *Free access for the first 30 days, after that I charge US$ 99.00/month, non-recuring.
      (help through email and/or Skype valid for 1 year when you sign up)
    • Join us today and start trading with a free state of mind, knowing exactly when and where to enter and where to place STOP orders and the targets for profit taking.
    • Scalping, day, overnight & swing trading levels posted daily in our website.

  • Have any questions?

    Feel free to contact us, we'll gladly clear any doubt you might have.
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About us

Diamond Setups

My name is Renato Santos aka @RenaTrader on Twitter, I’m a full time Futures trader (ES), diamond expert and entrepreneur. Keep reading below to know more about how I started in the financial markets. I've come to this business from the diamond industry, taking risks was something I was already used to, in diamonds on every deal that we close the outcome is uncertain, a rough diamond dealer also loses money in several deals, but on the deals that we make money we cover all those losses, similar to the financial markets in that sense.

About Us

What we do

Diamond Setups is an easy to learn and use trading system. You can also be consistently profitable if you follow the rules you will learn from me. Join us today in our trading room and learn how to easily spot the key levels we use to make money week in, week out.
Trading isn't about predicting what happens next, it's about having a system with an edge.

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Glynn B. , Canada

This has been a good week and I want you to know how much I appreciate your mentoring and your encouraging approach to those who want to learn to trade successfully. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Dashtrade , Los Angeles - CA

It has been great working with and learning from you Renato. Thank you for all your insight it's been very helpful toward my trading education and future.

Fred H. , California - USA

I've been in several rooms over the years and you have by far been the most inclusive of new adds to the room and the most professional and encouraging, plus - you are hugely profitable to boot. Cheers to you!