What are Diamond Setups?
Diamond Setups are 10 trading setups I use that work over 70% of the time, it's a methodology that allows you to know when the highest odds trades will present themselves to you so that you'll be profitable week in, week out if you follow them as I explain on this website.

The system fits different types of personalities, you can either trade several times a day, or only make one or two trades a day and be profitable, you decide how you want to work. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to use our trading setups, it's really not necessary to be studying for weeks to figure how they work, in one day only you'll understand how they work and will immediately start using them.

We also have a trading room where I trade live and will give you instructions to solve any doubts you may have.
What is Your Trading Room?
We use our trading room not only to make trade calls but also to explain the methodology we have created that we call the Diamond Setups, they are 10 trading setups that work over 70% of the time.
Do I need to have any trading experience?
No. Of course it helps if you already have some experience, but our methodology is very simple to use and it's all visual, so anybody who knows how to use the DOM (to insert orders and STOPs) and a good chart software will be able to trade by using our setups.
How much money can I make trading?
That depends on your own personal goals and the account size that you have. Our methodology includes suggestions on how you can protect your capital by not playing too big or too small and by taking profit when market makes it available to you.
Do you offer a free trial period?
No. Our trading setups are very easy to understand, once you see them you will quickly understand how to use them, so there is no way we can give you a "free trial" period.
How do you differ from the other live trading rooms and services out there?
It's taken me years of market research for me to create this trading methodology, I know exactly what traders go through when they start in this business, the will to trade for a living, the fear of losing all their money, so I'm very confident that the Diamond Setups are so simple to use, I really have never seen any other such easy system to use so far. I really think it is one of the best systems available out there.
Who are the trade coaches and how do I know if they are any good?
I'm the only trading coach here at the Diamond Setups website, I created this methodology myself, there must be lots of other traders who use similar systems though, so I know exactly how to explain how the system works, besides that, I have a lot of patience (it is a MUST in trading) so I don't mind explaining over and over again until I make myself understood. ;-)

If you know me from Twitter you know my entries are very precise and you will learn how to do it too, if you still don't follow me, start following today!

Answers by: @RenaTrader 
What is the stop loss you mostly use?
In our system the stop loss ranges from 1.25 to 6 points (ES), depending on each individual setup, most of the time 3 to 4 points will do.
I don't have PayPal, how can I pay for the service?
You can use your credit card, when you click "Register" you will see: Choose a way to pay - then you click on: "Pay with a credit card" option.
Will my identity be revealed to others when I sign up?
NO. Unless you want to reveal it yourself, we will make no mention to your name or even your Twitter screen name, you don't have to worry at all about that.
I am scared about paying for things on the internet, is it safe?
Your payments are safe because we use PayPal as our payment processor. This means we do not keep any of your card details on file and the transaction is performed on a secure server. You will see the hacker safe logo on PayPal secure order form when you join.
Do I have to pay for anything else or just the sign up fee?
When you join the Diamond Setups website you just pay for a one time fee and have access to all the documentation explaining how to use the 10 setups and access to our trading room for 30 days in order to ask any question about the system during market hours when we make live trades using the Diamond Setups, those 30 days are more than enough for you to learn how to use our 10 setups.

After the first 30 days are finished and you still want to continue trading with us for another 30 days in our trading room, then we charge US$ 99.00 for each extra month, this is not a recurring charge, it's prepaid, only members have the right to use the trading room.
Why futures/forex trading?
Futures/Forex trading is the ideal profession on the internet. It allows anyone to buy and sell futures/forex with a personal computer from home using an internet connection no matter where in the world you happen to live. It allows to make money at your convenience.
Is your system for scalping only?
No, it depends on your trading style, if you like scalping then you may scalp, if you prefer to wait longer and try to make bigger profits in a day trade, you will take the setups that allow that kind of trade, same is true for swings, the secret is to choose a time frame that fits your personality and account size, patience is also always key in trading.
What markets can I trade using the Diamond Setups
All markets that have good liquidity behave similarly, so you can trade virtually ANY market you choose, it can be: futures, Forex, ETFs, equities, you name it!