CL , Colombia
  I'm not sure if my subscription expires today, I am very pleased with the results and the service you provide, please let me know and I'll immediately renew it.  
KY , New Jersey 0 USA
  Well just have to say this is my first profitable week I have learned a lot and I feel like I finally have paved my way to more plus weeks

So I have to say thank you to grasshopper for making me find the light

Grasshopper being RT (Renatrader) if u didn't know who I was talking about.

RenaTrader: - Thank you, KY, for the kind words, really happy to know that.  
AS , Singapore
  Nickname "b" in our trading room:

[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:17 AM EDT] b Thanks for the ON levels
[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:19 AM EDT] b worked well
[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:30 AM EDT] RenaTrader good job, b!
[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:43 AM EDT] b +15 for the day  
SP , Frankfurt - Germany
  (Apr 27-13:46) Salito: RT honestly, the ultimate help came from you, it was the crucial thing to understand the very simple things I thought they were much complicated!!

(Apr 27-13:46) Salito: Thank you very much

(Apr 27-13:48) Salito: Have already seen a lot of traders but your explanations are just great!!!!!!

(Apr 06-15:56) SP: Thank you very much RenaTrader feel very comfortable with your trading style and tips etc.  
LO , Miami - FL
  I have been to a lot of trading rooms and this is by far the most comprehensive and straight forward one.

Renatrader: Thank you! LO  
ME , Sweden
  I second that! :)

I'm getting more and more comfortable with your system as the days go by and I want to yet again thank you for teaching and supporting us.  
OG , Wisconsin
  Thank you RenaTrader for the excellent trades today! We all definitely appreciate all the hard work you put into teaching us how to trade.  
John A. , California
  I gotta say guys, the last 2 weeks here have been a game changer for me. I feel like I've been overthinking trades for years. This approach has really simplified things for me and taken a lot of stress out of trading. Thank you RT

Thank you John, too kind.  
KS , California

Hi this is KS, I really like your trading room. I think its the only good
room I’ve been a part of in the 8 years I’ve been trading where you can make money.

I recommend your room if anyone is looking for a pay site where you can learn both to
trade and the psychological side of trading. I still can’t get the grasp on using a hard stop on every
trade and it always ends up costing me big chunks of money after I make lots of money.
My dark side is I will make 50% in my account and one stupid trade lose it all.

Thank you very mcuh for your email KS, much appreciated.

Use hard STOPs, you will not regret, we know most of the time they will not be hit. :-)

Best of luck  
Fred H. , California - USA
  I've been in several rooms over the years and you have by far been the most inclusive of new adds to the room and the most professional and encouraging, plus - you are hugely profitable to boot.

Cheers to you!  
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