About Us

My name is Renato Santos aka @RenaTrader on Twitter, I’m a full time Futures trader (ES), diamond expert and entrepreneur. Keep reading below to know more about how I started in the financial markets.

I've come to this business from the diamond industry, taking risks was something I was already used to, in diamonds on every deal that we close the outcome is uncertain, a rough diamond dealer also loses money in several deals, but on the deals that we make money we cover all those losses, similar to the financial markets in that sense. I used to buy rough diamonds in the mines in Brazil in the middle of the jungle where the light was not the proper light as we had back at the office to buy those diamonds, so I used to be wrong on some of the stones paying much more than they actually were worth, from every 10 diamonds that I bought, on 2 or 3 of them I had a loss, so we can say it is similar indeed. I did business all around the world as a diamond dealer in cities such as: New York, Los Angeles and Miami (USA), Ramat-Gan (Israel), Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Hong Kong (China) and, of course, in several cities in Brazil. But all that is just history, nowadays I work full time trading futures and FX and it's been a long way until I got here, I had to lose a great deal of money and spend many nights without sleeping trying to figure out how to find a way to survive in the markets and make a living from it. Today I'm finally able to survive and make a good deal of money week in, week out, and that's what this website is all about, I'll teach you step by step how I trade by using a very simple methodology that I created myself, so that you too can achieve a good degree of success in this tough industry where only the strongest minds survive. I wish you the best of luck in trading!