DG , Florida - USA

gotta head to work... really liking the way the room works RT. definitely loving the calls... thank you buddy.

UG - Germany

(Oct 16-15:27) XXXXXX: gotta love this room, no BS, just disciplined trading.
Thank you for your guidance in the room. It is exactly as I expected.

CL - Colombia

(Oct 16-15:27) I'm not sure if my subscription expires today, I am very pleased with the results and the service you provide, please let me know and I'll immediately renew it.

KY - New Jersey - USA

Well just have to say this is my first profitable week I have learned a lot and I feel like I finally have paved my way to more plus weeks.
So I have to say thank you to grasshopper for making me find the light.
Grasshopper being RT (Renatrader) if u didn't know who I was talking about.

AS - Singapore

Nickname "b" in our trading room: [Apr 7, 2017 9:13:17 AM EDT] b Thanks for the ON levels
[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:19 AM EDT] b worked well
[Apr 7, 2017 9:13:43 AM EDT] b +15 for the day

SP, Frankfurt - Germany

(Apr 27-13:46) Salito: RT honestly, the ultimate help came from you, it was the crucial thing to understand the very simple things I thought they were much complicated!! (Apr 27-13:46) Salito: Thank you very much (Apr 27-13:48) Salito: Have already seen a lot of traders but your explanations are just great!!!!!! (Apr 06-15:56) SP: Thank you very much RenaTrader feel very comfortable with your trading style and tips etc.

LO - Miami, FL - USA

I have been to a lot of trading rooms and this is by far the most comprehensive and straight forward one.

ME - Sweden

I second that! :)
I'm getting more and more comfortable with your system as the days go by and I want to yet again thank you for teaching and supporting us.

OG - Winsconsin - USA

Thank you RenaTrader for the excellent trades today! We all definitely appreciate all the hard work you put into teaching us how to trade.

John A. - CA - USA

I gotta say guys, the last 2 weeks here have been a game changer for me. I feel like I've been overthinking trades for years. This approach has really simplified things for me and taken a lot of stress out of trading. Thank you RT


Rena, Hi this is KS, I really like your trading room. I think its the only good room Iíve been a part of in the 8 years Iíve been trading where you can make money. I recommend your room if anyone is looking for a pay site where you can learn both to trade and the psychological side of trading. I still canít get the grasp on using a hard stop on every trade and it always ends up costing me big chunks of money after I make lots of money. My dark side is I will make 50% in my account and one stupid trade lose it all.

Fred H., CA -USA

I've been in several rooms over the years and you have by far been the most inclusive of new adds to the room and the most professional and encouraging, plus - you are hugely profitable to boot.
Cheers to you!

SF - Florida - USA

Thanks for all your help.
I am really enjoying being in the room, your experience and feel for the markets is brilliant.
I believe that if you want to learn something, learn it from someone who is already successful, that's why I'm here!!

Glynn B. - Canada

This has been a good week and I want you to know how much I appreciate your mentoring and your encouraging approach to those who want to learn to trade successfully.
Thank you and God bless you and your family.

TG, Chicago - USA

Thank you for sharing your system.
I have been struggling for years and feel that I now have a solid system to trade. Everyday I feel more and more confident that its sinking in and that it suits me very well.
Thank you for your patience in answering my questions as that has been a big help.

JA, Toronto - Canada

Rena, THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you're doing. You're changing lives, and giving people hope to live their dreams. God Bless.

AB, California - USA

I just wanted to say Thank You for all the support you are giving us traders.
I think your trading system is awesome and your chat room a treat... :)
Your system has helped me become much more focused and patient, which shows in my P/L and state of mind.

SJ, London - UK

I just wanted to say thank you for your help into making me a profitable trader at last.
I joined you about 4-5 weeks ago and at first was just profiting from your overnight support and resistance, now I am profitable in the room as well.
To sing your praises even more I did this on an MT4 account which is even more amazing as I am giving an extra point away when I trade due to costs and spreads.
I did this to allow my confidence to grow as have joined so many rooms and not made money, so did not want to burn my pot and the MT4 account allows me to remove half of 1 lot then another quarter and leaving another quarter to run. Where as now I will be getting myself an Apex account to allow me to trade more cars on my account with the confidence that I have in the system.
Massive thank you from me and am really looking forward to the new year.

PT, London - UK

Thanks Renato, it still never ceases to amaze me how it is still possible to make $$ on the most difficult of days using your system.
For those of you that have recently joined, I've been in Renato's trading room for a while now and I can assure you the system works as long as you religiously follow the rules, remain disciplined, patient and above all listen to his advice. Stick to the rules and you won't fail to make money.

KS, Leeds - UK

Thanks Rena, I must say not many people like you, you share your experience and help others as well, I've not seen anybody like you, honestly.
Only few lucky people can get this opportunity to learn and share trading as well as earn with the Diamond Setups.

CM, Ohio - USA

For $575.00 you can't go wrong with the Diamond Setups (DS). Renato is a tremendous & patient teacher that truly wants his students to learn HOW to trade and MAKE money!
Whether you are new to trading or trying to find a method that you can rely on, the DS must be a strong consideration. You do not need to purchase any special indicators as the DS works with any standard trading platform.
You can be up and running with the DS in a short time and start learning & earning!